concept. informationToday, more than half of the French experiencing vision problems and wear glasses or contact lenses. For twenty years, the optical market in France is structured so as to be more effective.

Like many areas of distribution, the organization of goods flows, financial flows and information flows in the optics sector is relatively concentrated.

ICDSC assists manufacturers, distributors, opticians, groups and chains to improve their performance, competitiveness and productivity.

In order to develop the electronic invoice, the project OPTO Démat was created by the “EDI Optique” association, in this context ICDSC was selected for the implementation of electronic safes meet the needs of central purchasing and stores.

In addition, we also support the industry suppliers to dematerialize their invoices and thus respond to the recommendations of the industry and the legals contraints.

You are from the optical industry, discover our solutions.

Our solutions

 Une plate-forme de dématérialisation des factures clients et fournisseurs (EDI, PDF, Papier)

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