logistiqueHistoric sector of ICDSC, we support more than 25 years, OEMs and automotive suppliers in their efforts to optimize their data exchange process. We actively participate in working groups within the GALIA Association (Association for the Improvement of IT connections in the automotive sector) and Odette Association (Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe). We also bring our expertise to automobile manufacturers, so always be on the cutting edge of technology and be at the heart of discussions and decisions.

Our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, you guaranteed collaboration and proven effectiveness worldwide.

Our solutions that meet the high requirements imposed by this sector are accompanied by a 24/7 hotline service.

You are from the automotive industry, we invite you to consult our sophisticated solutions to meet your requirements.

Our solutions

A suite of EDI solutions certified by GALIA and OEMs
(EDI Server, Webedi, EDI Hosting, VAN, Deployment EDI Suppliers)

 A plateform of dematerialization of the Customers and Suppliers invoices (EDI, PDF, Paper) that meets the new fiscal constraints.

 Syflux software, allow to manage the synchronous deliveries

 Software to allow exchange CAD/CAM data exchange in using automotive standards

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HOWA TRAMICO : Implementation of EDI hosting

MECAPLAST : Implementation of L3PS solution

BRETAGNE ATELIERS : Implementation of JIS solution

GMD Pack : EDI Hosting implementation