ICDSC participates actively in the workgroups that develop the standards and recommendations set by the organizations of the automotive industry. Thus, our solutions, at the forefront of the technology, are adapted to the needs of the players of this industry.

GS1GS1 offers to the products manufacturers and distributors worldwide a common language facilitating the circulation of their products. This unique language is based on international communication standards which are used and understood by all the players of the logistics chain management. The GS1 standard system is the most used in the world and represents a global business language.

GaliaGALIA is a non-profit organization controlled by a management committee composed of 14 members (2 PSA Peugeot-Citroën, 2 Renault, 10 suppliers).
GALIA sets standards and recommendations for physical and computer exchanges between partners of the automotive sector.

Association ENX  ENX (European Network Exchane) is a non-profit organization gathering manufacturers, suppliers and associations from the European automotive industry.
The goal of this association is to build, maintain and operate a communication network for the European automotive industry. ENX enables all partners and users to exchange data between companies and across borders in a uniform and harmonized way.
The ENX network combines the advantages of professional Internet solutions, opened and flexible, and company local networks.

OdetteODETTE  (Organization for Data Exchange by Teletransmission in Europe) Odette International is an organization, formed by the automotive industry for the automotive industry. It sets the standards for e-business communications, engineering data exchange and logistics management, which link the 4000 plus businesses in the European motor industry and their global trading partners.

AIAGAIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) AIAG is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors. It gathers automakers, suppliers and service providers which work collaboratively to develop global standards and harmonize business practices.


SASIGSASIG (Strategy Automotive product data Standards Industry Group) SASIG, organization established in 1994 by the AIAG, VDA, GALIA, and JAMA, comprises of automotive industry organizations from around the world.
Today SASIG is acting as a Forum to develop global standards, guidelines and recommendations; and promote implementation of automotive engineering standards.

JAMAJAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association) JAMA is a non-profit organization comprised of fourteen automobile manufacturers in Japan. JAMA works to support the development of Japanese automotive industry worldwide.

VDA VDA (Verband Der Automobilindustrie) is an association that promotes nationally and internationally the interests of the German automotive industry. This association gathers automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and service providers who participate jointly to workgroups.