A web portal for all your EDTI exchanges

Cayor Web Edti is a complementary solution integrated into Cayor SQL Pro and is accessible via Internet for partners who don’t have any OFTP solutions at their disposal.

This tool will allow you to centralize your technical data exchanges and to communicate with all your partners who have not an OFTP solution.
This solution ensures you the confidentiality and the traceability of your exchanges. Only one internet connection will be necessary at your partners.

This application will substitute all the alternatives that can be use currently (mail, FTP, CD, USB key…) and you will have only one tool for all your exchanges.

Share your technical data without limit!

  • Administration and use from the Cayor SQL Pro interface
  • Traceability of all your exchanges
  • Acquisition or hosted software
  • Protocols : HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP, SSL
  • Abstract/Engdat format management
  • The access is available 24/7