Upload your CAD data securely in accordance with the recommendations of your customers

Technical Data Exchange

CAD drawings are sensitive data and should not be viewed by people outside the project. It is this fact that manufacturers have written standards (Galia V3 TVTO) and imposed their recommendations. The challenge is to facilitate communication between all stakeholders in the automotive sector.

ICDSC has developed a range of transfer of technical data allows engineers and technicians Studies Office to create and exchange files with their partners.

Our solution meets the needs and recommendations (Galia V3, OFTP) French and European manufacturers.

Since the announcement of the judgment of the ISDN network by the various European telcos, many manufacturers have planned migration to new media. The contractors have therefore implemented new communication networks and Internet ENX. In order to sustain your trade Kayor SQL Pro addresses this issue and allows the exchange through these networks using protocols TVTO / ENX or OFTP2.

To simplify the management of your technical data, Kayor range can interface to other external applications such viewers or your information system (PDM / PLM …) but also the portal Renault “SELFWEB” and so enjoy automated trading and a comprehensive traceability.

The Cayor range can consolidate your relationships with partners and ensure the traceability of your trade.