Validated by Renault for deliveries in L3PS mode

Chaine assemblage.jpgThe « L3PS synchronized production » consists in assembling and delivering parts in synchronous mode from the scheduled sequence of the Renault assembly line. Every D-8 day, the customer factory sets the production scheme of vehicles that will exit on D-day the assembly line.

L3PS was defined by Renault in 2002, has participated in the drafting of the specification and our L3PS Sylflux solution was approved by RENAULT.

The simplified control of your generation !

A tools box in compliance with the L3PS protocol

  • The reception and the control of the Deljit D98B SYNCRO message  (FTP, OFTP …)
  • Control of the message (Sequences, Delivery points, Code collections, Bus stations, …)
  • The sequencing
  • Manufacturing and encyclage control
  • The shipping control and the expeditions management
  • The management of the additional delivery requests
  • Automatic BL edition
  • Packing list edition
  • Generation of the DESADV

 The control of the production made easy !

  • An application adapted to the Renault logistics requirements
  • Approbation of Renault
  • Interface possible with différent applications
  • Possibility to manage the EDI incoming and outgoing messages
  • A technical assistance 24/7
  • Application available in French, English and Spanish