JIT, the right product, in the right place, at the right time 

Just in Time

Management of vehicles assembly lines in (Just In Time) requires to OEMs and logisticians to have a product that could deliver synchronously. This delivery method consists to send to the manufacturer the right product in the right time and in accordance with the sequence defined on the assembly line.

The product range Syflux allows a complete management of a store advanced provider for the just-in-time delivery.

Syflux is a multi-manufacturer application and it can interface with the information systems such as ERP, automate or Poka-Yoke.




ICDSC accompany you throughout of your logistics project by offering you some customized software and hardware solutions.

 Syflux JIT, the solution which meets the performance requirements of the contractors.

  • Reception and control the synchronous messages of the client
  • Managing communications in emergency mode
  • Creating containers and publishing labels parts and containers (management of the empty alveoli, closing of containers by threshold, time-out or in manual…)
    Imprimante thermique
  • Manufacturing and/ picking control
  • Management of sites and search for the best path
  • Visibility on a gun of the finished product components list
  • Possibility of printing manufacturing label
  • Customizable dashboard for the users in charge of picking and encyclage
  • Encyclage control
  • 4 types de contrôle : Synchronus label, Supplier label, alveole label, container label (choice of customizable control
  • Control of truck loadingPistolet Radio Fréquences
  • Calculating the outstanding with management of critical threshold according to the advance of the line of the main contractor and trigging alerts when crossing these thresholds.
  • Management of alarms with the trigging of a beacon and sending of e-mail for anomaly detection.

 The benefits of Syflux JIT

  • Robust application and proven reliability for over 15 years
  • Traçability of all the transactions in an SQL-database
  • Possibility to integrate the information to the ERP (SAP…) at each step
  • Possibility to interface with robots or Poka Yoké
  • Customizable Dashboard by the operator
  • Management of operators (rights, type of containers …)
  • A technical assistance 24/7
  • Application available in French, english and spanish