Webedi, the EDI solution via Internet


Without any initial investment, the WebEDI allows you to access to a web interface through an Internet connection while meeting the requirements of your customers.

WebediTrust is a secure solution, multi-customer, multi-sectoral, accessible 24h/24 through Internet. It allows the consultation and the treatment of your customer orders, it facilitates the management of your shipments (printing the delivery notes and the labels GALIA SSCC). It manages all the EDI messages (Orders, DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, Alloti, INVOIC…).

Our solution is certified by GALIA for the automotive sector, the manufacturers PSA and     Renault but also GS1.

The WebEDI solution provides many business opportunities and improves the quality of your exchanges between your customers and / or suppliers.


Go to the world of EDI with ease

The advantages of using a webedi solution

Reliability of the information : Reduction of failure risks.

Productivity gains : Reduction of retyping costs and optimization of logistics and administrative productivity.

Simple pricing adapted to the volume of messages exchanged : Packages from 20 messages per month.

Autonomy of logistics and commercial services : Access to the information at different process stages by different services simply by logging on our portal.

Quick and easy implementation : No initial investment or technical skills required.

Global coverage : Benefit from the multi-languages application (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian …).

Technical Prerequisites : A PC connected to Internet and a printer for the labels publishing and delivery notes.