Only one network for all your EDI flows


Value –Added Network (VAN)OUR EdiTrust service allows companies equipped with an EDI station or server to overcome the problems associated with EDI communications.Indeed, the contractors call for the use of specific protocols and networks which may require heavy investments and complex management in order to secure the electronic data interchange.

Our service will bear the routing of your company’s data and files to the external means of communication of your partners.

This service was designed to reduce your EDI operating costs from 30 to 50 per cent compared to an architecture which is implemented internally.

EdiMonitor, your interchange monitoring portal

To enhance the traceability and visibility of your various services, we give you access to an Internet portal so you can follow up your exchanges.

We offer all file transfer protocols which are currently used.

  • OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) OFTP v1.4, OFTP/IP, OFTP2
  • AS2
  • X400
  • RVA: GXS, Allegro? Atlas (X.400 Tedeco) IBM, …
  • POP3, SMTP, including TLS and SSL
  • Interface with WebEdi type applications
  • Supported Networks: x25, Nimeris, ENX, Internet …

The insurance of high level of technological infrastructure

The security was set up at all the levels of the service: firewalls, physical protection of the installations, redundant power supply … for major incidents (flood, earthquake…) on the production and center equipment. The production is tipped over the back-up site of the service.

We are able to guarantee 99.95% availability and can ensure developed fallback procedures.

Our hot-line service, meets the operating constraints of each customer in terms of time-slot, supporting new applications and completion deadline.