Integration platform of your EDI flows

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The electronic data interchange aims to dematerialize the logistical and financial trade flows between the partners. With its strong technical and functional expertise,EdiTrust Server has been designed to support the EDI standards and protocols treated in all sensitive sectors to the dematerialization.ICDSC has developed EdiTrust server which is a platform for managing electronic flows and it is designed for companies in all economic activity sectors.

This server allows you to administer, to centralize and to automate all the existing EDI flows between the company and its partners.

At the heart of your information system, the EDI platform will integrate easily without disrupting existing applications.

 Our EDI server, functional richness

It is a functional wealth due to its several administration and control tools (tracks, alerts, reporting, archives…)

EdiTrust server greatly simplifies the configuration and the supervision of the exchanges by ensuring a perfect traceability.

The features offered, allow each company to create a modular work environment for the electronic exchange.

The server is built on client/server architecture. The main functions are:

- Partner management

- Management of the scenarios, translations and communications

- Work planning

- Flow survey

- Management of the transcoding tables

- Alerts management

- Dematerialization of the invoices

The server has all the libraries of messages (EDIFACT, VDA, GENCOD…) and all the communication protocols “point to point” (OFTP/ ENX, OFTP2, AS2, X400…) or by a VAN.

EdiTrust Server