Outsource the management of your EDI flows: increase your productivity

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The Editrust service concretizes your integration projects of flows Electronic data Interchange in an outsourced way in a shared and a secured environment. It treats several hundreds of thousands of files per month on behalf of companies whose activities require a important quality of services.

The outsourcing of your EDI platform accelerates the development of your exchanges with all your partners and allows you to increase your productivity. As a result, you save time and money while delegating the computer skills.

We are the technical partner of your customers and we put in place the necessary means to establish the different connections.

An automatic integration in your ERP

We develop interfaces to integrate automatically your messages into your Information System. We work with the major ERP publishers of the market in order to give you a complete control of your flows.

Baan, Cegid, Gepix, JD Edwards, Lawson, Obilog, Sage, SAP, Sylob, Sylog, Top Solid, Wavesoft ….

Security, traceability

The service offers a simple access while ensuring security and confidentiality. A monitoring tool, EdiMonitor is available to access in real time the exchange track and storage.

The connection between your site and our Date Center is secure (VPN, FTP, SFTP …) and the service is available via a PC connected to Internet.

Optimize your commercial relationships


Messages Delfor, Delins, Orders, Kanban, Desadv, Invoic …
VAN GXS, Atlas, Allegro, IBM  …
Networks Numéris, x25, ENX, IP …
Protocols OFTP1, OFTP2, AS2, HTTP, HTTPS FTP …

Guarantee a quality service for all your EDI flows

  • EDI experts highly available with proactive listening.
  • Service availability 99,95%, 24/7.
  • Redundancy of equipment and communication networks.