The protocol OFTP

Protocole de communication

In the automotive industry, the file transfer protocol OFTP (Odette Transfer Protocol) is used by all the players. It is a standard which, together with an EDI application allows the electronic data exchange between two sites.

In 1989, ICDSC developed the Anolys software which is integrated in the majority of the EDI stations under the best windows. The Anolys software has successfully passed the approval procedure of GALIA.

 An easy integration with your EDI translator

Anolys OFTP2 : used within the framework of exchanges through internet and by a secure way thanks to the use of certificates. Our solution was certified by Odette.

Anolys : used for EDI exchanges through X25 networks and ISDN.Anolys OFTP2, certifié par ODETTE

Anolys IP : used for EDI exchanges through Internet and ENX.

Anolys Xot : used for EDI exchanges through X25 or ISDN networks using the existing infrastructure the respectsthe XOT standard.

Anolys Gateway : automaton of electronic data interchanges which, together with Anolys supports the transportation of your EDI messages. It is also a database that contains all the parameters of your partners. Each file placed in the dispatch directory of the partner will be transferred to him and the files received will be placed in his reception directory. It manages different communication protocols OFTP (OFTP/IP OFTP2) and different networks (X.25, ISDN, ENX, Internet).