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- DemaTrust, solution de dématérialisation multicanal (EDI, PDF et papier) pour les factures entrantes et sortantes.

- Global EdiTrust, Plateforme collaborative pour piloter efficacement votre déploiement EDI Fournisseurs et dématérialiser 100 % de vos flux.

Afin de vous garantir, un traitement de 100% de vos factures ainsi qu’un archivage légal conforme aux recommandations fiscales, nos solutions sont bâties sur des technologies fiables et pérennes :


Stand : F7

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“Club Decision DSI” chooses ICDSC

CMJN de baseICDSC, an essential operator in document dematerialization, is proud to be the technological partner awarded this year by the Club Decision DSI among many other partners. Each year, the DSI Decision Club identifies 40 innovative companies to introduce them to the Club members . The decision-making club, as the largest European organization with more than 1,200 IT decision-makers, is dedicated to help its members in their technological and strategic decisions. ICDSC, with its ever more efficient solutions, can meet the dematerialization requirements of club members. ICDSC will accompany throughout this year, the DSI Club. We will be happy to meet you at the DSI Universities on March 15th. These meetings are for ICDSC a real opportunity to exchange and bring its expertise to Club members. Lear More

  Come to visit us on March 29th and 30th 2017 In Paris Porte de Versailles !  

logo_documation_2017Looking for a solution to dematerialize, protect, share and value your documents, contents and data?

Documation gathers all professionals on information and Data.

Come to visit us with our partner ITESOFT at Stand C07, we will discuss about dematerialization and we will answer to all your questions.

We can exchange and make you discover our solutions: – Global EdiTrust, a collaborative platform to efficiently manage your EDI deployment for suppliers and dematerialize 100% of your flows.

- DemaTrust, multichannel dematerialization solution (EDI, PDF and paper) for incoming and outgoing invoices with a legal archiving at CDC Arkhinéo.

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Meeting in Berlin on 15 and 16 May !     Banner The automotive industry is an evolving industry, keeping abreast of the latest trends, seizing opportunities and threats is a major challenge.

The Odette Conference brings together decision-makers and experts from the entire worldwide automotive industry. This conference is a unique opportunity to interact with manufacturers’ representatives and major automotive suppliers. Many topics on the most important issues facing by the automotive industry will be hosted by experts. ICDSC, a major player in the automotive industry for 25 years, will be pleased to welcome you to its stand to present its solutions.

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Dématérialisez vos factures fournisseurs

Productivité, rapidité, fiabilité, mobilité, innovation… Osez la démat’ de factures pour augmenter votre efficacité comptable !

ICDSC vous invite à participer à cette web conférence pour découvrir Yooz, le jeudi 16 février à 10h00.

Cette plateforme disponible en mode SAAS, permet la dématérialisation des factures reçues au format papier et PDF pour une intégration 100% automatisée.

Je participe

Vous souhaitez mettre en place une solution pour capturer de manière automatique vos factures fournisseurs ?

Automatiser le traitement métier de ces documents ?

Vous souhaitez une gestion automatique de 100 % des factures fournisseurs.

Bénéficiez d’un ROI rapide ?

      • Lecture Automatique de Document intelligente sans création de modèle
      • Intégration automatique des factures fournisseurs dans votre système comptable
      • Rapprochement Facture / Commande
      • Module de GED pour la traçabilité des documents
      • Workflow de validation



  • Le partenariat ICDSC / Yooz
  • La dématérialisation des achats et factures fournisseurs en SAAS
  • Présentation fonctionnelle et technologique
  • Démonstration Live de Yooz
  • Questions / Réponses

Participez à cette démonstration en ligne pour découvrir la puissance alliée à la simplicité d’utilisation de la plateforme.

Vous ne pouvez pas participer mais vous souhaitez des informations concernant cette solution, contactez-nous.




ICD dévoile son nouveau logo

PageLines- ICDLOGOHD.png

En 2017, ICD a franchi des étapes clés de son développement, c’était donc le moment idéal pour faire évoluer notre identité visuelle et affirmer nos ambitions dans la transformation digitale.

Ce nouveau logo est un première étape, d’autres nouveautés seront bientôt annoncées !

Pourquoi cette nouvelle identité visuelle ?

Sans tirer un trait sur le passé, en prenant appui sur l’expérience, ce nouveau graphisme réunit sérieux et sobriété, tout en étant résolument inscrit dans la modernité et les valeurs de l’entreprise.

Ce nouveau logo renforce également notre présence et la confiance que nous portes nos clients depuis bientôt 30 ans.

Qelles sont les caractéristiques de ce logo ?
• Le Bleu représente la fraicheur, le sérieux, la confiance et la sécurité.
• La vague représente la souplesse de l’entreprise et ses solutions


Sepsa-peugeot-citroen-logovelnord is the second plant of PSA Peugeot – Citroën to benefit from Corail, a move that implies a vast overhaul of its upstream logistics IT systems. This new tool hinges on three main objectives  :

  • Aim at a global integration of supply chains
  • Promote the deployment of the lean
  • Adapt to new logistic frameworks, with an international focus

The synchronous supply of parts consists in delivering them according to their passing order on the production line. The parts are delivered right on time, only when needed, hence limiting the need for storage and associated costs.

A leader in the development of “Just in Sequence” solutions, ICDSC adapted its Syflux software, to respond to new requirements from PSA Peugeot Citroën. After a 3 weeks duplicate life phase, the Ostrevent’s company becomes the first successfully started synchronous supplier.

 Aurore Guernalec, head of Change Management and Partner Relations at PSA Peugeot_Citroën, comments on this deployment :

« 08 last December, the Ostrevent’s company, was the first synchronous supplier to receive message from CORAIL . This deployment was a success in so far as the supply of parts was ensured without any disruption.

All this was made possible by the expertise and responsiveness of ICDSC. They were able to take into account our needs and responded with great professionalism.

ICDSC is a true partner of PSA Peugeot Citroën. We have developed quality relationships throughout the project.”

We are ready to deploy Corail on other plants of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group and already started this process on the Trnava site.


logo-SCE-2014-date-fr_1ICDSC is pleased to announce its participation in the exhibition Supply Chain Event on 26 and 27 November at the CNIT in Paris.

The main theme is “Controlling a Supply Chain International.” A topic that is declined through methodological and industry conferences.

Visit our Stand A20, this is an opportunity to share and present:

  • EDI solutions suite : Hosting EDI, VAN, WebEdi Portal, EDI deployment Suppliers, EDI Server.
  • Electronic invoicing.
  • Management of logistics flows “Just In Sequence”.

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Conference program, click here


GFISince 2004, Expertise Centre in B2B exchanges of GFI Informatique provides the opportunity to automate the complete trade and / or financial linkages while strongly decreasing the ‘management’ fees and accelerating the treatment processes.

GFI Informatique chose the following ICDSC products to fulfill all the needs of their customers :

  • WebEdiTrust :Web Edi portal available to companies those are notequipped with EDI solutions. Suppliers can receive their orders through a WEB explorer and send their dispatch advices and their invoices while printing the GALIA or EAN labels from the Webedi portal. It can be implanted quicly while fulfilling to logistic requirements of the principal WebEdiTrust passed the qualifications required by GALIA and GS1.
  • EdiTrust RVA : allows decreasing the operating cost from 30% to 50% compareto a classical architecture while reducing the communication network to only one. All the networks and communication protocols are available to meet the requirements of partners. This solution provides a reliable and sustainable technical architecture.
  • DemaTrust : platform for dematerialisation of incoming and outgoing invoicing flow. This solution guarantees the collection, treatment, integration of supplier invoices and routing of the invoices to the customers based on the required format (EDI, signed pdf, paper…) while respecting the legal constraints. Dematerialized documents are stored in an electronic safe box in the trusted third party “CDC Arkhineo”, Caisse des Dépots et consignation subsidiary. Dematrust has been validated by GS1.

Florence Naudin, co-manager declared “We are very pleased and proud that our solutions have been selected by GS1 Informatique This partnership fits perfectly with our growth strategy. We share with GFI the same value: the satisfaction of our customers”.

Eric Delvart, “GFI Informatique found in ICDSC a trusted partner that could provide long-term and recognized solutions which will permit to increase its offer to his customers. GFI is pleased that ICDSC joins him in his continuous development around its specialized activities such as EDI and Managed File Transfer”.


AntoineNBNous sommes heureux d’accueillir depuis mai 2014, Antoine Moglia, ancien Responsable Edi chez AGC et Membre du comité Directeur de Galia.

Antoine vient renforcer notre équipe dans le déploiement de nos solutions Edi et Logistique en nous faisant bénéficier de ses 19 années d’expérience.

De part ces compétences reconnues dans le domaine de l’Edi, la dématérialisation et la logistique, Antoine nous accompagne dans notre stratégie de développement en France comme à l’International.


Antoine, « Je suis heureux de rejoindre cette équipe dynamique. J’ai été séduit par leurs solutions et nous partageons la même vision : Accompagner et satisfaire le client avec des solutions fiables et à forte valeur ajoutée ».


French software editor and a major player in the EDI solutions for over 25 years, ICDSC signed a technology partnership with ITESOFT, software provider of a complete line of solutions dedicated to capturing, automatically processing, and managing all documents flowing into companies.DemaTrust solution developed by ICDSC allows the collection, treatment and legal archiving of EDI and signed PDF invoices and now full-text OCR technology from iTESOFT company.

This partnership allows us to offer a complete multi-channel capture solution of suppliers’ electronic invoices, allowing companies to integrate automatically 100% of their suppliers’ invoices, in all formats ranging from traditional paper sources to electronic formats.

Launching of the Webedi platform, dedicated to the press

For twenty years, the advertising industry is structured to be more and more effective in the matter of electronic data interchange (EDI) messages.

Discover our EDI Light solution, which has already attracted some major players in the press.


They trust us …


EDI Hosting

EDI Suppliers deployment

Manufacturing Execution System implementation

Syflux JIS Nissan

LEAR Russie
Syflux JIS Nissan



EDI solution

Discover our EDI suite.

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Discover our E-invoicing suite

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Just In Sequence

Discover JIT/JIS solution

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For twenty years, the advertising industry is structured to be more and more effective in the matter of electronic data interchange (EDI) messages.

Discover our EDI Light solution, which has already attracted some major players in the press.



If you want more information, contact us



French software editor and a major player in the EDI solutions for over 25 years, ICDSC signed a technology partnership with ITESOFT, software provider of a complete line of solutions dedicated to capturing, automatically processing, and managing all documents flowing into companies.

DemaTrust solution developed by ICDSC allows the collection, treatment and legal archiving of EDI and signed PDF invoices and now full-text OCR technology from iTESOFT company.

This partnership allows us to offer a complete multi-channel capture solution of suppliers’ electronic invoices, allowing companies to integrate automatically 100% of their suppliers’ invoices, in all formats ranging from traditional paper sources to electronic formats.

If you want more information, contact us

Odette2014The automotive industry is a constantly evolving industry, keep abreast of the latest trends, seize opportunities and threats is a major challenge.
Odette Conference which takes place on 19 and 20 May 2014 in Lyon, brings together policy makers and experts from all over the world automotive industry. This conference is a unique opportunity to interact with representatives of manufacturers and major suppliers automobiles. Many topics on the most important issues facing the automotive industry will be discussed by experts.
ICDSC, a major player in the automotive industry for 25 years will be happy to welcome you on its booth to present our solutions.

Signature Charte Interoperabilite GS1Our commitment: a platform dematerialization without interconnection fees!

On 26 September in Paris, ICDSC as specialized operator in the electronic invoice met around GS1 France to officially sign the Interoperability billing solutions Charter. Reaffirm free trade this charter aims to when electronic invoice passes through two different operators.

It results from the will of GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoices solutions, to create optimal deployment controlled, serene and as fast as possible to electronic invoice conditions.

Our goal is to give our customers access to the electronic invoice to a large number of companies so that they can enjoy its benefits.

The Charter was signed by 25 operators dematerialization.

We hope that this signing brings new momentum to the deployment of electronic invoicing and thanks again for this initiative GS1 France.


Can you introduce the TRAMICO Company? What is your position there?

HOWA-TRAMICO is an automotive subcontractor, rank 1 and 2. Supplier of roof pavilions, and polyurethane-based acoustic and thermal insulation, it produces its own raw material.

HOWA-TRAMICO is part of the Japanese group HOWA TEXTILE INDUSTRY. With 3 sites of production in France, but also presents in Spain, Slovakia and Russia, HOWA-TRAMICO employs 550 persons.

My position at the TRAMICO Company is CIO.

What was the status of the Electronic Data Interchange support in the group before migrating with ICDSC?

Respect of our clients’ delivery delays, constant actualization of logistic needs and delivery calls are necessary for the complete reliability of the management.

Taking into account the diversity of the EDI norms, logistic practices of our clients, and the high technical complexity of the process, for which some users still have difficulties to understand, the choice to subcontract all the EDI flows (translation and transmission) was getting more and more obvious. Moreover, our EDI platforms needed a constant supervision, by internal experts we could not afford no more.

So you chose ICDSC to group your EDI flows, what were the reasons for that?

It was late 2008. ICDSC, which was already the supplier of our technical data exchange service, rapidly responded to our requests. During a meeting with our clients, ICDSC has shown some excellent know-how and mastering of the logistic flows in the automotive industry. ICDSC, already notorious amongst our clients, has convinced every one of us of the advantages of externalizing the EDI flows.

After having used the system for some time, what can you tell us about?

Today, we automatically deploy the EDI flows with our new clients. 80% of our gross revenue comes from these flows. Every incoming and outgoing message can be visualized on a web platform, with support of filtering. Contact with ICDSC’s support team is made through e-mails, with low response delay every time. ICDSC’s support team is well aware of the risks that we are facing.

ICDSC is a member of the Galia group, assurance of their attachment and their will to collaborate with the automotive industry.

Externalization has also allowed to switch to electronic invoices, with a 30% cut of our costs of transmission.

Today, ICDSC has become a major partner on the matter of EDI flows between our clients and us.

Alain Le Gac, interview by Laurent Destruel


Objective paperless for your exchanges !

The building sector is undergoing a revolution: meet industrial actors already use the dematerialization for the Order and Invoice messages.

On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 from 09h to 16h in Paris.

We are pleased to present our range of EDI solutions:

Program :

- Challenges and benefits of the widespread use of EDI messages
- Experience feedback and testimonials from industrial users and dealers
- Best practices for implementing a project
- Presentation of a tool ROI calculation appropriate to the sector

See the full program, click here


Location : Palais Brongniart, Salon d’Honneur, Place de la Bourse, 75002 Paris

Free registration, click here


ICDSC has been referenced by the EDI- Optique for the implementation of the electronic safes for the optical industry.

In the last two decades, the optical industry is structured to be more effective. With its strong technical and functional expertise, ICDSC has developed the Opt’e-Box solution, based on archiving with a trusted third party, CDC Arkhinéo, subsidiary of the « Caisse de Dépôt et Consignation ». This choice ensures the security, the confidentiality and the upkeep of your data.

In addition, a global offer of dematerialization, a simple attractive and economic model, can achieve real savings.

Intended to legally archiving the electronic invoices received by the opticians, the safes will soon be operated by the suppliers. The players of the community which is equipped with the Opt’e-box solution will benefit from a reduction in their administrative and financial burdens.

For more information, contact us at or + 33 1 80 96 17 31.


Our WebediTrust solution has successfully passed the GS1 qualification of the specifications of the logisticsexcellence.

Qualification GS1 Webedi  

Our solutionis accessible through an Internet browser and it allows to:

  • Manage a database of information related to the GTIN of the products and to the GLN of the companies
  • Receive the message ORDERS in EANCOM 97 language and visualize it in a clear way
  • Respond to the received orders by describing the shipping units ( assigning a single SSCC to each shipping unit)
  • Generate the logistic labels
  • Send the DESADV message in EANCOM 97 language, profile logistics excellence version1

A simple, reliable and a low-cost solution


For more information, contact us at or +33 1 80 96 17 31.


Visit us to discover our solutions at “Solutions Démat Expo Salon” at the CNIT in La Défence, stand D31.

Click here to register for free.


Can you present the GMD PACK Company and tell us about your role within this company?

“Barbara Lahure: the GMD group was created in 1986 and today it has 48 plants in France and abroad which are organized around 4 businesses: plastics, foundry, sheet-iron, Integration, cutting/ stamping. GMD Pack was born in 2001 and is now member of the cutting stamping division. The activity of the plant is divided into 3 sections:

  • Cutting / stamping
  • Profiling
  • Assembly by welding, crimping…

90 % of our production is oriented towards the automotive sector. I am responsible for the logistics and for the data processing (maintenance of 1st level) of the company. I am the contact of the different IT providers.”


What was the situation in term of electronic data interchange in the group before the migration?

“Due to our activity which is mainly focus on the automotive sector, we had an obligation to work with EDI (DELFOR, DESADV, INVOIC). We had an EDI station but we worked only with GXS. I was wasting time checking if all goes well. In case of loss of messages, I had to ask the customer to start again all the procedure regularly chess.


You have chosen to outsource the EDI from ICDSC, what are the reasons for this decision?

Our former provider of translation would no longer maintain the software and gave us a proposal which did not meet our needs. We have decided to launch a call for tenders to different service providers. One of our customers proposed to us the name of your company.

The prospect of cost reduction and the simplicity of communication led us to select ICDSC.


Can you give us an experience feedback on the EDI outsourcing?

Saving time: ICDSC manages the flows of communication and translation of the EDI messages for the automatic integration into our ERP.

Saving money:  it’s a reduced cost announced by ISDSC thanks to the implementation of point to point connection with our partners.

Reliability: with each reception of EDI file, we receive a text file by e-mail which has the same format as we receive by the EDI. In case of problem, we can move very quickly.

Our technical support is ready to help us and listen to our needs When simple modifications are necessary for a message, your equip react very quickly and without extra cost. This allows us to integrate programs without having to improve it.

A dedicated website:  thanks to a secure access, we can see different messages and make a pause reception or sending of files.

What are your deployment prospects?

For several years, we have also worked for the building. We plan to extend the EDI industry.


Download the Business case

Interview with Barbara Lahure done by Laurent Destruel


Thank you for coming to meet us on October 18th, 2012 on the occasion of « THE APPOINTMENT OF THE INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE IN RHÖNE-ALPES»


We are at your disposal to present our solutions built around the EDI and the Supply Chain, and you can also attend our conference’s theme

“The different modes of supply in the automotive industry:”

Standards work for logistical needs, by Jean François Tahon a GALIA Logistics Project Manager.

- The synchronous long approach with Renault Trucks, by Philipp Lenner, Supply chaon process manager.

- The implementation of short synchronous at VALEO, by Marc André, Group Shopfloor Systems Competency Center Manager.

- The management of physical flows from EDI flows, by Eric Moreau of ICDSC.

Click here to join


4th September, 2012

Don’t miss this opportunity and come to meet with us in the Odette conference December 3rd and 4th, 2012 in Berlin.



Presentation of L3PS project at Mécaplast:

Mécaplast was selected in 2010 the manufacturing of bottom doors projections (PIP) painted for the project Mégane phase 2 Sedan, sport wagon and coupe assembled in Palencia.

These parts are injected, painted and glued in our factory of Igualada in Spain. The special procurement type was a supply flow of typical programme (complete homogeneous pallets as reference)

Given the high diversity of parts to be delivered (120 references), Renault has modified its specifications and asked as to deliver these parts L3PS (more commonly known as synchronous flow) that is in the running order of vehicles; this is in order to avoid a complex management on final assembly production line in the factory of Palencia. This approach also helps to reduce the storage space of our client.

Technical constraints related to the industrial process do not allow us to make an L3PS in the flow assembly of the PIP (assembling the parts starting from the scheduled sequence of manufacturing the assembly line of Palencia).

We have therefore proposed to our customer to work on synchronous flow from finished goods inventories.

This is why; we have installed a store called “picking” containing 120 references of finished goods.

Thanks to the synchronous DELJIT which is received 6 days before consumption on the assembly line of Renault, we plan repainting and sticking campaigns of the PIP.

One day before the shipping, we assign an identification number to the parts MOFF (sequence number increasing single Film Farm) which allows you to find the conditionings customers according to the order established by the factory.

Thus, we circulate the same UM all the colors in the condition as mounted on the vehicle in Palencia.

The day of shipment, we load the UM and send the BL, packing list and AVIEXP.

What were the difficulties to be overcome in terms of organization and information systems?

The L3PS implies first of all, the identification of each part, usually when we identify the UC or the UM. It is therefore a complete change of the organization. Each part becomes a unique, a missing reference in the packaging and so the Renault line was stopped!

We have worked our keying system and the traceability of the parts to ensure deliveries consistent 100%, in spite of the difficulty linked with the diversity of existing references and with the quality requirement for parts of aspect.

In parallel, we have to adjust the delivery of parts according to the advance/ delay of the assembly line of the customer.

The internet consultation of the sequence numbers which is common in the TCM (Fallen Assembly Line), allows us to control the flow through minimal/ maximal stock which is defined in the loop and connected with the customer.

Thus, we must control the transport stream contrary to the traditional management where the customer ensures his loops collection.

We have put in place the toolbox Syflux L3PS, of the company ICDSC, which is interfaced with our ERP (SAP) and our EDI platform in order to manage the numbers of MOFF. ICDSC carried out the installation on the site and trained staff for using the software and preparing the L3PS.

Why did Mécaplast choose the ICDSC solution?

Mécaplast was the first plant in the group to deliver Renault in L3PS in a relatively short period of time for the development of the project: we therefore needed a supplier who has had a great experience of the L3PS with other equipment manufacturers and who is able to advise us in our choices.

We were looking for a reliable supplier who can ensure the maintenance of his tools; we have to ensure one hundred percent our deliveries.

ICDSC meets all of these criteria and it is among the licensed suppliers approved by Renault for the L3PS applications and this has confirmed that we made the right choices.

What are the benefits of L3PS in Mécaplast?

The reception of the DELJIT 6 days before the consumption of the parts allows us to program our painting chain and our  gluing schedule according to the according to the real needs of Renault.

Also, the LP3S offers a space-saving at the level of the gluing station.

In our process, we are constrained by minimum batches of incompressible paint, whereas, in classical logistics, we would have to manage UM incomplete customers by entailing a complex management.

Now, we have only one conditioning for inter-operation between the gluing and picking machine. The management is simplified and the space required is optimized.

Finally, the L3PS allows Mécaplast to strengthen its logistic expertise and to maintain a major role with its customers since the preliminary draft until the production.


Download the Business case


ICDSC sponsors the GALIA information day on June 12, 2012 in Boulogne


Check more about this event




ICDSC is pleased to inform you that the DermaTrust solution has been certified by GS1.

For more details about the features: click here



ICDSC passed the homologation organized by Odette of our OFTP2 solution. Our solution OFTP2, Anolys is present in our solutions related to EDI and to technical data exchange.

Learn more about our OFTP solutions.



ICD International and Soft & Com have great pleasure in announcing their merger which, from 1 January 2011, has created ICDSC.

This merger is an important milestone and follows on from the success already recorded by the ICDSC joint venture, created in 2008.

It brings together complementary skills, and so we are able to offer you a wider range of services to meet your requirements in the following areas:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (Automotive, Retail, Bank sectors)
    - VAN, WebEdi, Hosting EDI, Electronic invoicing
  • Technical Data Exchanges (CAD data exchange server and Web CAD data exchange)
  • Application for the warehouse management especially the synchronous flows
  • Legal dematerialization and archiving of documents
  • Backup outsourced of data
  • Fixed fee, time and material, Third-party application maintenance
  • IT outsourcing services
  • Solution of management about the compliance of your products (REACh, IMDS, RRR, RoHS, …)
  • Solution of recovering and integration of B2B portals data

Thanks to this merger, ICDSC is stronger in areas of substantial growth.  By optimizing our organization and pooling our technical expertise, we have built a more streamlined organization to better serve the needs of our client base.

Both teams are now integrated into the new company, which is based at Velizy in the current ICD International offices.

This move guarantees the financial well-being of ICDSC, as well as sustaining our potential for development, both in France and overseas;

One of the ICDSC teams will be in touch with you in the coming days in order to talk through with you in greater detail our various offers, products and services.

Florence Naudin, Eric Moreau, Thierry Cottreau, Dewi Guenanten and the whole ICDSC team send you their best wishes for 2011, and for a fruitful collaboration.




In July 2009, ICDSC has signed with GALIA a Project LogisTic convention about the adaptation of our WebEdi solution to a multisectorial usage.

The project introduce itself as an extension of the available service in a certificate Web EDI by GALIA, to satisfy the needs of companies exchanges involved in multiple industrial sectors and in particular related with the retail and aeronautics sector, beyond an activity in the automotive sector using all the message format including EDIFACT and XML.



ICD : Could you please describe the BRETAGNE ATELIERS association and your position within

the company?

Kiet Bui : The aim of the Bretagne Ateliers group is the socio-professional integration of handicapped people.

With 5 production sites and 2 ESAT*, the group is employing, according to the CDAPH*, 80% of

handicapped workers. The Bretagne Ateliers group is involved in many activities: design, wiring,

mechanics, car parts, industrial assembly, packaging, shaping…

The Bretagne Ateliers group is able to industrialize,manufacture, test, pack and deliver assembled parts.

My position within the group is logitics Information Systems Manager. It includes ERP, EDI,synchronous flow and


* Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail

*Commission des Droits et de l’Autonomie de la Personne Handicapée

ICD : What were your expectations and which solutions have been put in place for the production

and deliveries management?

K.B : We were looking for a service provider able to put in place Peugeot Citroën Automobiles

synchronous messages and to help us for the assembly and delivery control along the assembly line.

We have worked in collaboration with ICD in this area but also in EDI delivery area and traceability


For the deliveries management in EDI:

ICD has developed for us an application that recovers a flat file transmitted by the EDI station including the

Galia label content, the reference that has to be delivered and the delivery date. The application

transmits those information on a Radio Frequency scanner that controls if the label number and the

references scanned are in accordance with the file. After validation, the information are sent to the

ERP for dispatching and invoicing.

For the synchronous deliveries management:

We have chosen the Syflux solution that allows receiving synchronous messages coming from

Peugeot Citroën Automobiles and to edit part labels. Moreover, the « Sequencing control » module

allows to make sure that we are delivering the right parts in the right containers and according to a

precise order. Our activity implies a manufacturing process, that’s why ICD has developed the

« Sequencing control » application according to our specifications. This tool is indispensable for our

activity. Moreover, a security system has been put in place with back up ISDN line, alert control,

revolving light or alert labels. As soon as the synchronous message is received (D-1 to D-3 according

to the type of vehicle), we are able to check if the references ordered are contained in Syflux.

If we received unknown references, we have the possibility to input them manually. Then, the

« Product » database is sent automatically to all the systems using this information allowing us to

remain reactive. The update of RF barcode scanners manufacture nomenclature is instantaneous.

Finally, ICD has provided us with customized software and hardware solutions (45 RF barcode

scanners and more than 20 wireless printers).

In-progress management:

Because of the nature of synchronous flow deliveries, ICD has developed a software recovering

automatically on the PSA B2B portal information related to « in-progress ». This tool allows us to

compare the progress state of our deliveries with the assembly line progress.

For an optimum traceability:

In order to improve delivery follow-up, ICD is going to install a system that manages the traceability

of all our flows on a SQL database and that collects all the information coming from the robots and

the manufacturing control application. As a result, we will have the traceability of all our deliveries

over a 15-year period.

ICD : Could you give us feedback on the solutions used?

K.B :

Today, we are delivering 850 cars a day on the 3 Peugeot Citroën Automobiles Rennes assembly

lines. All the ICD solutions that have been put in place since April 2003 meet our expectations. ICD

masters the supply chain management and provides us a quality support service (5 days a week from

5 am to 10 pm). Since the beginning, we have worked in tight collaboration almost a partnership

relation allowing us to have products that meet our needs.

ICD solutions have brought a relaxed atmosphere in a stressful synchronous flow activity. Moreover,

with adapted solutions, ICD has put in place new applications like the degraded mode « 2D fax » used

when we don’t receive any synchronous messages through the ISDN network.

ICD : Mr Bui, thank you for your attention.

Kiet Bui : Thank you too.

Words noted down by Florence Naudin



ICD: Alexandre Loire, you are project manager at Galia. Could you please introduce this association?


A.L.: Galia (Groupement pour l’Amélioration des Liaisons dans la Filière Automobile) is a non-profit

association. It was created in 1984 from an urgent need to improve exchanges between the partners

of the automotive sector. There is a total of 400 members to date:

− industrial companies (automotive manufacturers,OEMs and suppliers)

− service companies (IT, logistics) such as ICD International

− trade unions

Our role is to set recommendations for the exchange of products and information between the

partners of the automotive sector and to make these recommendations available to our members.

We also promote the new solutions resulted from these recommendations and developed by the

companies from the automotive industry. Finally, we represent and defend the interests of our

members to the French, European and Worldwide organizations working in the same fields.

The fields covered by the work of GALIA are:

− Logistics

− Engineering

− Electronic exchange (B2B)

− ENX (european, private and secure network)


ICD: Among all the projects that GALIA manages there is the A.L.F.A. project. What does this project

consist in and to whom is he aimed?


A.L.: The appropriation of information and communication technologies by all the players of the

automotive supply chain has become a necessity and a sine qua none condition of the

competitiveness and the company survival.

If the manufacturers and the large suppliers groups have understood this point, this is not the case for

the second- and tier-suppliers.

Aware of these realities, the management committee of Galia decided to launch in July 2003 a large

support program for the second-tier automotive suppliers, known as the A.L.F.A. program

(Amélioration des Liaisons dans la Filière Automobile). This project is both national and regional. Nine

regions have been chosen to become pilot projects: Brittany, Centre, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-

Comté, Normandy, Pays de la Loire, Poitou Charentes and Rhône Alpes.


ICD: What are the tools on which you are focusing?


A.L.: The tools related to this project belong to the three fields GALIA works in:

− B2B:

• To be referenced and to answer customers invitations to tender via their supplier portal

• To have an efficient website

• to organize meetings and to save time thanks to Web conferences

− Logistics

• To implement an ERP or optimize the existing tool

• To communicate through an EDI station

• To communicate using the Web EDI services − Engineering

• To learn the design project management via a collaborative work platorm

• To install a virtual plateau with its customers

• To communicate through an ENX connection


ICD: How can the users of ICD solutions be impacted by the A.L.F.A. Project?


A.L.: There are two categories: the existing customers and the leads.

The existing customers may want to implement logistics and commercial management tools or new

way of communication. If they are a second-tier automotive supplier from one of the pilot regions,

they can benefit from the support of an A.L.F.A. consultant. If they meet the criteria of a Small and

Medium-sized Enterprises according to the European Union, this support will be financed at 80% by

the DRIRE and the regional councils.

The leads who may want to implement logistics and commercial management tools or new way of

communication have to meet the same criteria as those for the existing customers. They can be

supported in the implementation of an ENX connection . We suggest to companies who may be

interested to discuss about that with ICD International who will transmit us these information.

Finally, there is a last category: the first-tier suppliers’ customers of ICD. These suppliers have projects

to improve their contacts with suppliers located in the A.L.F.A. Regions (implementation of EDI or

ENX…). In that case, the A.L.F. project can be a help.

We suggest to these first-tier suppliers to send to ICD the list with the name of the suppliers that are

likely to be interested in the A.L.F.A. Project.


If you want more information, go on the website of GALIA in the A.L.F.A. Section or

contact me at this e-mail address

ICD: Alexandre, thank you for your attention

GALIA: Thank you too