GFISince 2004, Expertise Centre in B2B exchanges of GFI Informatique provides the opportunity to automate the complete trade and / or financial linkages while strongly decreasing the ‘management’ fees and accelerating the treatment processes.

GFI Informatique chose the following ICDSC products to fulfill all the needs of their customers :

  • WebEdiTrust :Web Edi portal available to companies those are notequipped with EDI solutions. Suppliers can receive their orders through a WEB explorer and send their dispatch advices and their invoices while printing the GALIA or EAN labels from the Webedi portal. It can be implanted quicly while fulfilling to logistic requirements of the principal WebEdiTrust passed the qualifications required by GALIA and GS1.
  • EdiTrust RVA : allows decreasing the operating cost from 30% to 50% compareto a classical architecture while reducing the communication network to only one. All the networks and communication protocols are available to meet the requirements of partners. This solution provides a reliable and sustainable technical architecture.
  • DemaTrust : platform for dematerialisation of incoming and outgoing invoicing flow. This solution guarantees the collection, treatment, integration of supplier invoices and routing of the invoices to the customers based on the required format (EDI, signed pdf, paper…) while respecting the legal constraints. Dematerialized documents are stored in an electronic safe box in the trusted third party “CDC Arkhineo”, Caisse des Dépots et consignation subsidiary. Dematrust has been validated by GS1.

Florence Naudin, co-manager declared “We are very pleased and proud that our solutions have been selected by GS1 Informatique This partnership fits perfectly with our growth strategy. We share with GFI the same value: the satisfaction of our customers”.

Eric Delvart, “GFI Informatique found in ICDSC a trusted partner that could provide long-term and recognized solutions which will permit to increase its offer to his customers. GFI is pleased that ICDSC joins him in his continuous development around its specialized activities such as EDI and Managed File Transfer”.