Dematerialize 100% of your supplier invoices

Reducing expenses and increasing productivity are today at the heart of business priorities. Electronic invoicing suppliers is one solution that anables these objectives by automating time-consuming operations and often low value.

itesoftWith this in mind, we have built a global offer, DemaTrust that integrates the heart of your IT system to manage all types of invoice formats “Paper” and Electronics”. Our solution integrates software offers Itesoftmarket leader in the capture and processing of documents (ICR).

The benefits of dematerialisation are numerous:

Integrate invoices automatically in your information system
• Reduce time and cost of treatment significantly
• Management of cash optimized by reducing internal processing delays
Strengthen internal controls in more reliable data processing and ensuring traceability
Fast return on investment

Our consultants are with you to determine the best solution to implement that varies depending on the type of your suppliers and their invoices.

A single platform for all formats: paper, PDF and EDI
Demat Fournisseurs

Personalized support:

The success of a project depends primarily on the study of your operation, your own processes and different to each supplier constraints. The audit we perform upstream considers this information and your goals. This allows to define together the most appropriate methodology. Throughout your project, we support your team in change management is a key element in the success of the project.

Electronic Invoice:

• Treatment of all electronic formats (pdf, csv, xml, EDI )
Data extraction for automatic integration into your ERP system
• Management of tax dematerialization of your invoices (EDI and signed pdf)
• Archiving of data in electronic safe probative value
Portal of entry of invoices for non-equipped providers EDI solution

Paper invoice

Our offer is based on the software platform of intelligent capture of Itesoft documents, the most powerful software on the market ICR. This advanced technology to treat 100% of invoices without knowing the size in advance and without the use of model.

Capture all invoices, whatever the source or format
Analysis Technology Full Text coupled to self-learning automatic extraction
A management module allows exceptions monitoring non-compliant invoices (no order number, error on the shipping ).
Compatibility with most scanners with automatic document feeder (Fujitsu, Canon )

A global solution dematerialization, from capture to archiving

Integration with all ERPs, SAP module and ORACLE
Supports multi-ERP environments and multi-company
Module GED” and “Workflow” to optimize the accounts payable process
• Automatic Reconciliation orders / receipt
Better control and traceability of the process invoices
Limit the risk of error
improved relationship with your suppliers