Invoices dematerialization 


Electronic invoicing has become an important element of the strategy to reduce costs by businesses.

Our platform dematerialization DemaTrust is the solution for managing all your cash bills. We ensure the collection of all of your data out of your information and the issuance of bills to your customers according to the desired format (EDI, PDF or paper), while respecting the legal system constraints.

Dematerialize to increase productivity

Our platform is consistent with paperless e-invoicing methods established by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI), which allows the substitution of electronic invoice paper bill as legal invoice (EDI and signed pdf).

A unique and trusted partner for the overall management of your invoices

Our DemaTrust solution is qualified by GS1 and it is consistent with the two methods of the fiscal dematerialization which are established by the Directorate-General of Taxes (DGI).

  •  Article 289bis of the CGI : Dematerialization by an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Article 289-V of the CGI : Dematerialization by means of sophisticated electronic signature (signed invoice in PDF format)
To ensure the success of your outsourcing project, we carry out an audit upstream to understand your operation, your processes and to define the most appropriate methodology. Throughout the project, we support your team in change management.
A dashboard, accessible through a web browser using a username and password, allows process monitoring all your bills.
You can also view invoices in pdf format, a list of partners and easily search the archived invoices using a multi-criteria search.
Our legal experts will ensure compliance of the procedure for dematerialisation in the different laws of the countries concerned.

The features of De DemaTrust

  •  Flow management of invoices and processes traceability
  • Controls of the mandatory indications
  •  Invoices consultation and treatment in PDF format via a web portal
  • Generation of the partners’ consolidated list using a self contained and stored file
  •  Generation of the invoices’ consolidated list
  •  Return the documents when there is a transfer problem
  • Legal archive for the invoices issued and available online for a period of 10 years at CDC ArkhinéoArchivage chez CDC Arkhinéo
  •  Possible signings of the invoices according the country requirements of your partners
  • On termination of contract, restitution of archived data on digital support


The benefits of the invoice tax dematerialization

  • Time, security and financial savings
  • Immediate and total elimination of customer invoices internal management paper
  • The requirements of your customers would be managed by ICDSC
  • Quick access for all company staff to all invoices from any Internet-connected PC
  • Homogeneous format : PDF
  • Maximum security in case of fiscal controls
  •  Securing the archive : data which are hosted by our partner CDC Arkhineo