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Software editor and integrator which is specialized in the fields of EDI and Supply Chain, ICDSC supports companies in the administration, the exploitation and the optimization of their strategic data.

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Our business solutions are based on a solid understanding of the processes and requirements of your business. Our added value lies in a reactive expertise and experience of the problems of managing exchange process.


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ICDSC provides software and hardware solutions and a wide range of related services covering all the problems linked to the data management of the company.

Thanks to its expertise and its responsivenessICDSC is able to adapt it to the constraints and needs of businesses of all sizes.

Discover customers references (Automotive, Retail, DIY, Optical, Media, Advertising …).

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We are present in 24 countries and able to support you in France and abroad. Our solutions are deployed on 4 continents, Europe (Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Portugal …), America (Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada), Asia (China, Japan, Russia, Thailand, India …) and Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Turkey).